SQL Pretty Printer 3.0.5

SQL Pretty Printer 3.0.5: beautify sql code in any editors with a hotkey SQL Pretty printer is a tool to beautify sql code in any editors with a hotkey,make it more readable. Support Query Analyzer, SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS),VS2003/2005,Toad and common editors such as UltraEdit. Besides beautify the SQL, it can also translate the SQL into C#,Java,Php and other program languages that is ready to use in your program.

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Fun4Desktop 1.0

A desktop cyclone is coming! Fun4Desktop enables you to beautify your desktop! Fun4Desktop provide 23 transaction modes to auto change your wallpaper, provide 20 interesting effects to beautify your desktop, provide some nature scenes, you can set these scenes as wallpaper or As ScreenSaver! You can even set movies,flashes as wallpaper using Fun4Desktop! Hurry up,let`s show our cool desktop!

desktop enhancements, wallpaper, flash desktop, game, java, dynamic desktop

Build-a-lot 3 Free game download 1.0.2: Build-a-lot 3 Game, is one of 300 Free Games - Download Build-a-lot 3 Free Game
Build-a-lot 3 Free game download 1.0.2

Download Build-a-lot 3 is your passport to fun! Travel all over Europe as you restore rundown houses, develop friendly services and beautify neighborhoods with picturesque landmarks. The changing needs of the neighborhood will sure keep you busy. You may even need to brave the rain and snow, deal with noisy neighbors, or even put out a small fire to get the job done on time! Pack your bags and let the fun take you to new places, enjoy it for free

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UniversalIndentGUI 1.2.0: UniversalIndentGUI is a graphical ui (gui) for multiple source code indenters.
UniversalIndentGUI 1.2.0

UniversalIndentGUI is a cross platform compatible GUI for nearly any code formatter, beautifier and indenter like GNU Indent, Uncrustify, Artistic Styler, PHP Stylist, Ruby Beautify, HTML Tidy and many other. Main feature is a live preview to directly see how the selected formatting option affects the source code. (Latest version, news and complete changelog on

beautify, uncrustify, astyle, indent, greatcode, bcpp, indenter, formatter, format, gnu indent, universal gui, beautifier, artistic styler

Cosmic Scenes 2.3: Create a stunning new Cosmic wallpaper image for your desktop - every day !
Cosmic Scenes 2.3

Beautify your desktop with this stunning Cosmic wallpaper generator. Every day, hour, or less, Cosmic Scenes will create a beautiful and original 3D Cosmic image and install it as your desktop wallpaper. You can configure the visual aspects of this unique product to suit your taste. The images are created using the infinite variability of fractal mathematics. You`ll never see the same image twice !

stars, wallpaper, astronomy, desktop, space, nebula, nebulae, cosmos, universe

Tidycode Pl Sql Formatter 2.5.2: This software formats Pl/Sql programs in a Dos prompt or in a GUI.
Tidycode Pl Sql Formatter 2.5.2

This software allows you to tidy, beautify or format your Pl/Sql code in a batch file or Dos prompt.In other words, it is a command line tool that can be built in your programming environment. It can be used in most free or commercial editors/IDEs.There is also a tool Experimenter which provides an alternative user interface to the formatter. the command line switches of the formatter can be tried out/determined quickly and easily.

indenter, formatter, pl sql, source code, beautifier

Christmas Gift Shop 5.07: “Christmas Gift Shop” is an Animated Screensaver by EleFun Multimedia devote
Christmas Gift Shop 5.07

“Christmas Gift Shop” is an Animated Screensaver by EleFun Multimedia devoted to the holiday theme. As you know, during Christmas it is a common practice to beautify the houses inside and outside, decorating a Christmas tree and interchanging gifts and greeting cards. Install Animated Screensaver “Christmas Gift Shop” and staying at home you will be able to visit one of the shops full of colourful gifts and decorations.

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